Hayden Mitchell – New Rugby Operations Manager

The Board following up on a post season club strategy meeting last year, has developed a new role of Rugby Operations Manager.

We proudly announce that our current Division One Captain, Hayden Mitchell has been appointed our Rugby Operations Manager.

Hayden will be responsible for recruitment, retention, coaching and player development resources. The role covers both Junior and Senior players.

Hayden has a long and proud history as a Shirley Rugby player having joined as a 5 year old in 1990. He attended Shirley Boys High School making the Schools 1st 15. He re-joined the club on leaving school, playing for the Colts before making his Division One debut in 2006.

Hayden spent 2 years on his O.E, playing professional rugby in Scotland and England before returning to Shirley. He also represented South Canterbury as a Canterbury Loan player helping them to win the Heartland Championship Lochore Cup and went on to win their Player of the Year award. Hayden is currently the Canterbury Metro Team vice-captain.

The Mitchell family have a long history with Shirley Rugby. Hhis father Kerry was a former Division One player and captain, representing Canterbury and an All Black trialist. His mother, Pam, is a long term supporter and sponsor.

Hayden’s thoughts,
“I’m really thankful for the opportunity to fulfil this role, and realise there is a lot of time and effort needed to see the club thrive as it should. I am highly motivated and driven to deliver the success the club deserves” I will always be open to suggestions and look forward to working with all of you”